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Restaurant Business Plan Part 1: Narrative Outline & Sample

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The business plan is essential to any new restaurant venture. Your odds of succeeding are greatly increased when you study and report your idea. It is your business resume and map to success. It is the document that most of the important startup connections will demand to see.

This product contains a detailed outline and complete set of sample pages of a restaurant business plan. The outline is a topical guide designed to facilitate the writing of the narrative section. It lays out an easy way to create a comprehensive and powerful document that explains your business concept, structure, and performance. The sample pages show a finished plan, complete with a cover letter, pro forma financial statements, and supporting documents.

From the Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Industry Analysis
  • Products & Related Services
  • The Target Market
  • The Competition
  • Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy
  • Operations
  • Management & Organization
  • Long-Term Development & Exit Plan
  • Financial Data & Projections (Comparative Income Statement)
  • Appendix

Note: While this product provides the tools needed to write the narrative portion of the plan, we recommend using our: Restaurant Business Plan Part 2: Financial Modeling Spreadsheets 3.0 to help write the financial section.

The Restaurant Business Plan: Complete Package with Consulting which includes both Part 1 and 2 and access to a restaurant consultant is now available at a discounted price.

To read more about writing a business plan, click here....

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